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Who We Are

Caritas is a strategic distribution partner for the leading Medical devices of world leading manufacturers.

Caritas enables numerous hospitals and health care organizations across the country to deliver advanced health care solutions to patients. The company distributes medical products to these organizations and facilitates rapid delivery of quality health care solutions to those in need.

Caritas has carved a niche with years of dedicated service and unparalleled expertise in the field of cardiology, vascular, General Surgical Consumables, Diagnostic Contrast.

The company uses is commendable field knowledge to identify and distribute new products, which have the potential to bring is positive changes in millions of lives.

At Caritas, we strive to provide the highest level of support, service and innovation to healthcare experts. We work tirelessly with the leading manufacturers across the globe to deliver a host of innovative and domain leading products.

We put to work our knowledge, expertise and commitment to focus on establishing and building a measurable presence in the medical devices field.

Our website reflects a comprehensive list of our products and services we offer. In line with our company's policy, our web site has been designed keeping our customers in mind; to delight them with a lucid user experience every time they login.

Core Purposes and Values

To be a medical solution providerwith higest ethical standards and serve the society.

✤ Respect for mankind and the mother nature
✤ Not to over commit and under deliver.
✤Embrance the changes and evolve ourselves.
✤ Adhereto the timelines and to provide quality solutions for the needy.